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About Our Clients

We are passionate about helping our clients and are privileged to work with truly inspiring families. Our clients are the “doers” in their communities. As our clients make an impact on today, their children prepare to build our tomorrow. Our clients typically include:

College Selection: Where is your student likely to be accepted? Will he or she be offered aid?
Is the school a good fit for your student?

Financial Aid: Many families mistakenly assume that they make too much money to qualify for “financial aid.” There are 2 types of aid, need-based aid and merit-based aid. Will your student(s) qualify? What steps can be taken to maximize any aid that may be available?

Tax Aid: We specialize in finding and structuring IRS scholarships. By finding little known deductions or credits, we can utilize before-tax dollars to pay for college. The best part about tax aid: the higher your bracket, the more you save!

Personal Resources: After everything above is taken into account, what is the most efficient use of resources to pay your share of college costs?

The questions we answer focus on 4 key areas:

As CFP® professionals, we take a holistic approach when planning for college. Just as the college experience is about more than essays and exams, college planning is about more than writing a check or taking out a loan. Whether it is savings or investment strategies, managing a budget, understanding the proper use (and pitfalls) of credit, or even estate planning for grandparents, this process can literally affect every single aspect of your family’s financial lives. 

Our job is to make your life easier. By removing the burden of the funding process, we will save you time, money and aggravation. Through working with Smart College Funding, you will have a clear understanding of what is the best strategy to pay your family college expenses. A customized college funding plan will be presented to you to explain the combination of strategies we have identified for your family and how to implement them.

About Our Process