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Smart College Funding specializes in helping high-income and high-net worth families reduce their college expenses.
Our comprehensive approach will determine your family’s best strategy to pay for college. Our innovative strategies can reduce your college costs by thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, regardless of how much money you earn or have saved
and invested!

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Benjamin Franklin, founder of the first University in the United States, said: “A penny saved is a penny

earned.” At Smart College Funding, we believe that just because you CAN pay the full price of college,

does not mean you SHOULD. We are passionate about helping our clients and feel privileged to work

with the inspiring families we encounter.

At Smart College Funding, we will develop a plan to pay your out of pocket expenses in the most efficient manner possible. You will have the confidence of knowing that all possibilities have been explored and that your money and your time are spent wisely.

There are many companies offering services to help families qualify for more “financial aid.” Smart

College Funding helps families who do not usually qualify for need-based aid. If you are concerned about

paying for your children’s education without sacrificing the lifestyle you have worked hard for, let Smart

College Funding lower your Total Financial Cost™.

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